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We're obsessed. It's that simple. It's been more than twenty years and we're still as obsessive about each and every tiniest detail. And it is this obsession that gives all our clients the greatest advantage – delivery, even in the shortest of lead times, without a thread of compromise in quality, quantity and economy.

We call this the "DELTA ADVANTAGE"


Experience not only makes you stronger, it also makes you smarter.

More than twenty years in the garment business has helped us glean a highly talented team that knows the ins and outs of the manufacturing process. Professionals have been trained to operate as per the most demanding international standards, maintain efficiency to maximise output, minimise waste and transform your sketches into clothing with perfection.

Teams co-ordinate efficiently. And at any given moment you can get in touch with us, through e-mail or otherwise, to expect a prompt reply or a precise status report.

You'll always know what's happening and a human voice will always be there to tell you about it.


At Delta we've never explored the "second best way to do something".

We're obsessed with fabrics. Textile technologists and garment technicians work with apparel designers to research and develop contemporary fabrics, designs and patterns for the season. We have a careful eye on new trends and fashion forecasts and there's nothing we won't do to source out the right fabric for the job. If there is a fabric you must have then we must get it.

We never tire of the details. Our quality check is extensive and confirms to AQL 2.5. We recognise and respect the paying end of the transaction.

We also provide special add-ons to products which include: washing, garment dyeing, embroidery, garment printing (up to 14 colours), anti-microbial finish, anti-odour finish, UV protection, water repellent finish etc.

For a complete list of all our services, please get in touch with us.


Technology is not just an investment, it's sheer joy!

We don't compromise on the technology we invest in. We have some of the latest hi-tech Japanese machines for various stages in the manufacturing process – like computerised button attaching machines, continuous fusing presses and computerised label attaching machines, to name a few.

Thankfully, technology is one more thing we're obsessive about, and keeping an eye on the latest advances in garment manufacturing is always a hot favourite topic.